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Ready to be a Chapter Lead?

The Chapter Lead is a tenured functional expert who is responsible for managing the performance and development of the Squad members belonging to the Chapter and champions functional excellence.

This role coordinates knowledge sharing and improved interactions between roles within its own Chapter and similar Chapters within the Tribe and across Tribes respectively.

What is expected from a Chapter Lead:

  • Promotes innovation and continuous improvement together with scalable and sustainable development within their practice area;
  • Leads and develops the abilities and skills of the members of the chapter, increasing their productivity in the delivery of value for clients;
  • Defines processes of interaction, transfer of knowledge and tool sharing among the members of the chapter;
  • Participates as an expert, solving complex problems related to area of expertise on an ad-hoc basis with other teams within the Tribe;
  • Acts as a mentor for the specialist resources within their practice, helping them grow in expertise and experience new areas.

Want to know more about what is a Chapter Lead and how Chapters integrate in the Squad and Tribe? See our full article.


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